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Please are you currently working on Australia visas
If yes please how much does it cost and how many years
Yes we deal with Australian visas. What's your visa preference study or tourist visa?
Please contact our office line via WhatsApp or Call on 0205164058
Senior, can you assist me secure a full Canadian scholarship (Study - Masters). I count on your cooperation.
Hello Michael, yes please we can assist you with an admission application and the student visa application. We have received your email too and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Please do you offer dubai visa services?
Yes please we do.
Pls my brother wants to send me an invitation to Germany so I want to know if u can help me to acquire visa
Then also what are the things I wld have to provide for the visa application
Yes we can but as now the pandemic has rendered all boarders in Ghana closed we will be happy to assist you when the travel band is lifted. Please email us on or send us a message on WhatsApp 233541827184
I'm in usa. do you accept American credit cards?
Yes we do. sorry for the late reply

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