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Marien Luxury Perfume - Kimberly
Packaged in a luxury leather box , with a golden cup fitted on a luxury bottle.
Marien Luxury perfume from GH Perfumes Mall, I must say expensive but a perfume Ghana can never stop talking about. A perfume that lasted 72 hours to my surprise.
Thanks to GH Perfumes Mall, for making me smell like a billionaire.

How much is a bottle?
Your latest FOGG fragrance body spray without Gas is something Else.
Its smells sexy, and very long lasting.
You guys are representation of the best in Perfumes and body spray distribution in Ghana.

Very reliable in terms of quality
So I needed to add perfumes to my stock, but was worried due to increase in fake perfumes on the market today, till someone recommended GH perfume mall two months ago.

Quality is top notch, delivery is timely and prices are unbeatable.

I will gladly recommend them any day for your perfume needs they're the best people to turn to.
100% Authentic Fragrance. The Best Perfume shop in Ghana
GH Perfume Mall is the only lead brand in authentic/original perfume in Ghana. I have tried quite a number of dealers in both Accra and Kumasi. Almost all these dealers in colognes and perfumery were full of vague promises with respect to how good and authentic their products were. I trusted Mr.Mensah...a business mugul who did not only promise, but proved beyond every doubt, that he knows what it takes to not just smell good, but rather sell your presence in disguise to win the hearts of the masses by simply living your signature smell anywhere you find yourself. If you are a perfume freak like myself, dont just go about searching, just contact GH perfume Mall. They ve got all the ORIGINAL designer perfumes you can ever think of and they are very affordable. Just name it......this is where quality sells best. Get in touch with GH perfume Mall and thank me later...
Quality and Affordable Perfumes
Ive been buying from GH Perfumes Mall for over 3 month Now.

Their Luxury Perfumes are very Quality and Long Lasting. Same day delivery.

I can confidently say they are the best wholesale distributor of Perfumes in Ghana
Quality Perfumes at Affordable Prices
I want to take this opportunity to recommend GH Perfumes Mall Product. I had the opportunity to buy some of their Brand Inspired perfumes for personal Use. Due to the quality and long lasting of the perfumes, i decided to retail some of their perfumes in Takoradi. Sincerely it has created another source of income for me in the perfume business. Now all over Takoradi im know as Madam Brand Inspired Perfumes and i Love it. I want to thank Madam Doreen and Gifty for the good Job their doing