About the product
For Men only, Women read and share with your partner.
Available Nationwide
Good for men with...
✓Trouble getting an erection and maintaining it.
✓Protects the kidneys, spleen, heart, liver and lungs
✓Effective supply of blood to the whole body
✓Reduces stress after hard days work
✓Improves good sleep
✓Protects and prevents prostate gland disorders
✓Improves urinary system
✓boosts sexual performance
✓increases quantity and quality of sperm.
✓Premature, delayed or absent ejaculation
Other preferably effective Combinations...
Add Alkaline cup, Calcium, overweight (add brown tea)
Recommend to yourself and the men in need
Note: not only for performance but for general well being of men from 20 years above.
Take 4 at night before sleep.
It can be delivered in region in Ghana and even outside Ghana.
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