Help Rescue stray dogs & cats in Accra, Ghana

About the product
Stray cats and dogs in Accra, Ghana are at the mercy of town council dog hunters who trap them to be euthanized, poison them to kill them outright or are trapped and eaten as food by certain members of society. There are no rescues and shelters in Ghana to protect stray, abandoned and abused dogs and cats. I cannot help but to think of these poor furry animals and try to make their life a little bearable.
The goal of Sancore animal Rescue and Shelter is to rescue and create a safe sanctuary for them and when possible to give to forever homes who are prepared to adopt.
Your donation can make a difference in the life of a puppy or kitten. Did you know that for just $ 10 the Sancore Animal Rescue and Shelter can provide one puppy rabies, distemper and parvo vaccines as well as deworming.
Join me by donating $1 for every one dog or cat saved. Help give them a small chance at sleeping without the pain of hunger, and help prevent the birthing of so many unwanted puppies and kittens.

Kindly visit our site to learn more and make a donation. Thank you.

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