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Do you prefer to send SMS to your friends and family, clients or customers, members of your church, club or association?
If your goal is to send SMS to 300 or 3 million contacts, ScrybaSMS has right platform to help you achieve your objective with just 1 click.

ScrybaSMS Features include:

• Instant SMS delivery
• Unlimited recipients
• Save all your contacts in your web account.( import and manage contacts/groups)
• Send to international contacts at local cost
• Customize sender ID and recipient name (Dear John…)
• Cheaper cost than mobile (less than 4 Pesewas per SMS)
• Credits never expires
• User friendly web interface and secure network
• Supports the following SMS formats, text , flash, Unicode, Unicode flash,Arabic and other languages
• View your credit balance
• Type unlimited characters
• Program SMS to be delivered at a specific date and time or recurrent automatic deliveries( e.g daily, weekly or monthly)
• View sent SMS logs and periodic delivery reports
• Excel plug-in available for those who have their contacts in Excel
• Information sent using our platform remains your property (privacy policy)
Additional services
• SMS can be sent on your behalf
• Support provided on creating your contact database.( data entry, cleanup and formatting)
• Free SMS templates
• Easy payment, via mobile money.

ScrybaSMS.COM The next generation of communication.
Log on to our website WWW.ScrybaSMS.COM for more info, Register Now!!! to send free SMS.

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