About the product
This package consists of features that can be adapted to suit all requirements, from small to large enterprises.

Mini PBX – IP PBX for up to 10 subscribers, asterisk installed.
ast e25 – IP PBX for up to 25 subscribers, asterisk installed.
ast e100 – IP PBX for up to 100 subscribers, asterisk installed.
ast e200 – IP PBX for up to 200 subscribers, asterisk installed.
ast e300 – IP PBX for up to 300 subscribers, asterisk installed.
ast e500 – IP PBX for up to 500 subscribers, asterisk installed.
ast e1000 – IP PBX for up to 1000 subscribers, asterisk installed.

Product Features

Automated Attendant
Black List
Blind transfer
Call Details Record.
Call Forward on No Answer
Call Forward Variable
Call Monitoring
Call Parking
Call Queuing
Call Recording
Call Retrieval
Call Routing (DID & ANI)
Call Snooping
Call Transfer Call Waiting
Caller ID
Caller ID on Call Waiting

Database Store / Retrieve
Database Integration
Dial by Name
Direct Inward System Access
Distinctive Ring
Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi™)
Do Not Disturb
Fax Transmit and Receive
Music On Transfer
Flexible Extension Logic
Interactive Directory Listing
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Local and Remote Call Agents
Music On Hold
Caller ID Blocking
Conference Bridging

Add on features:

GSM integration
PRI integration
V Logger – Voice logger, a digital multi-channel voice logging, call monitoring and recording software.
CRM – a Customer relationship management software
Receptionist Console – providing a user interface for receptionists to take and direct call.
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