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Love this school. Very responsive to feedback, continually improving and growing with the changing face of education internationally.
Absolutely amazing school. The first I have found in Ghana that invests greatly in continuous teacher training and takes the learning experience of their students seriously from Pre-K to high school. There are some truly gifted teachers here, and my children have had an awesome learning experience.
international community school claims a lot of things. it looks very appealing from the outside, but that is where the false beauty ends. teachers are not paid properly and most of the go elsewhere to seek greener pastures, just like the students themselves. they on the other had are not cared about. if they do not do well academically they are not seen as relevant. the high school students do not have a snack time and are therefore forced to starve until 12:00 after long lessons. also, the food is upsetting. the kitchen... well you can so and see for yourself. various unpleasant "things" have been found in various students' food, such an pieces of sponges, metal, dead flies and ants, maggots, excessive oil, etc and i can testify that a rat was found where the students pick up their plates to eat their food. it was dead.
students' opinions are not regarded as relevant. the school pockets huge sums of paid fees (extortion) and takes half of the collection given to the church (which they leave to be the problem of the chapel leaders and a volunteering teacher). smoking and drinking and drugs are taken by some of the students. some are sacked f it goes public, but if not, it is swept under the rug. well, with the exception of on time when a girl obviously got drunk and the school refused to test her and she woke the whole boarding house up and assaulted the school owner and screamed "fuck you to basically the whole school... i am still collecting photographic evidence to show to you to prove these claims. i dare you to have a one on one conversation with the students of this school. a lot of them are fearful of what will be done to them, but more than a few are tired of holding their breath. p.s. the food is shit. if you have never seen anyone run away from the opportunity to eat dinner after a long day of child labour, go to international community school.
Yours sincerely, me, someone who attends this prison
Reply by Jephthah, 31 Oct, 2017
I'm a student and I have been in ICS-k for 7 good years and I strongly disagree on what you are saying, students never complain about anything cause they do what we like and we appreciate that. I think they fired you because they are good in doing that so I think that is why you just devising on how to collapse the school. And to be honest with you ICS is the only school in West Africa that goes for Round Square and this makes Ghana the only country that participate in Round Square. This month Nana Addo is even coming there to announce us to the world that ICS is the best international school in Ghana. We have 4 swimming pools 3 basketball courts male&female Bball court and they are all indoors, 3 tennis court, fountain all around the school 14 buss, 3 Boarding house, free Wifi, free Visa Card and more
Reply by Gucci Boss, 14 Nov, 2018
There is not WiFi at all. And she rat in the boarding house there no door to the bath room. There should be 3 rooms in the boarding house. So i am saying put a desk at the front when you walk in and a book self then when you go down the hallway the bedroom are on the right. And put the bathroom on the left with a door. Borders should be aloud to put TV and couch if any space and the bedroom and the study room should have a carpet. One more thing fix your food people.

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