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Is knust a mix school?
Which grade can Í get before coming to the school
What grade are suppose to have to come to the school
I want the geography teacher in 1A6 phone number. Because he had ask 1A6 people to do a project work on mobile and when I send it does not go. So I want his phone number to send it through whatsapp.
My son has gained admission to KNUST SHS this September 11, but I'm confused about the content of the prospectus provided. Can you confirm which of the items the government is providing free of charge?
1) How does a junior high school leaver like me who has been given placement in KNUST shs obtain the prospectus of the school?
2) If the prospectus of KNUST shs fails to appear online after several searches, is the next option to go to the school before the opening date?
Do u offer computer science
What is the contact email of the current counselors of KNUST Senior High School?.

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