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you need to check your customer services. very poor and bad!
I called the so called Freddie's corner to ask if play station 3. But the response was not the best from a certain uncultured lady worker. In fact I'm shocked.. Should change for better
Terrible experience this morning. I call it absolute nonsense and absolute nonsense again. What happened???? I got to this shop to get a phone for someone and upon looking through the phones, I decided to call the fellow and confirm the kinda phone I should buy lo and behold a loud shout ..... guess what the shout was for???? It was towards a telenovela and the shout was from a so called "managerase" And when a sensible subbordinate decided to prompt her that a customer was making a call ...the trush from the so called managerase was " she is making call and so what"..... amazing what kind of Bush animals do we have in freddies conner, what kind of subcultured human beings are there.... if A so called supervisors can utter trush of trush then what of a subbordinate.... owner of Freddies corner I seriously need you and I will surely deal with that element, I mean that whore who thinks she is human than any other.
Reply by Obaa Joy
20 May, 2017
Thanks so much for this information. Was searching for their location so I can send my tablet for repairs. Never will i recommend them to anyone looking at all the bad reports about them. Pray I get a reliable place to get my screen repaired
Reply by jay
22 Jun, 2017
I was to buy a PC there but I wanted to check out their site first but from this review I think I need to go somewhere else.
Reply by Vincent Ahovi
18 Feb, 2018
So suppose to buy my laptop there but due to this I will not go there agai
Reply by Roberta
9 Apr, 2020
We are all not perfect, you can correct someone by talking to the person or reporting like you are doing. It's fine and fair to state your views and reasons why you would not like to do business with Freddies corner but do not refer to your fellow humans as 'animals', that's to the extreme.
I will not base my decision of whether to do business with Freddies corner or not due to your review because we all look at issues from different angles.
I am in no way condemning your review, I respect your view because I know customer relationship is poor in our country and we can all help to correct or change it.
You talking about it is in the right direction, I am only pleading with your choice of words. I know it could be annoying but please take it easy. We need each other to build a BETTER Ghana.
Thanks for voicing up your concern.
Terrible customer service and rude workers. Took an ipad there, i was asked to come for it at noon, called several times and decided to go by the place at 6pm only to be told to come the next day in a very rude tone and attitude!
Reply by customer II
7 Nov, 2016
It is unfortunate, my new phone that a friend gave to me as a present shut down and I thought of taking it there. But for what you have written about their services I think I have changed my mind.
Reply by ExcellentMe
7 Feb, 2017
Most Ghanaians who work in the customer service sector are just ignorant and don't know what it means to be a customer service person. People like that are just villagers and haven't been anywhere before apart from displaying their primitivism in this country. I was Dubai mall last month and there you can understand what we call "customer service"
Reply by Rita
4 Mar, 2017
I agree with u Emmanuella. Very rude customer service. The tone in which they talk is very bad
I heard of Freddies corner and thought they will be better and also genuine in their business not knowing they are all the same.The branch at circle kokomeleme. area Today is exactly 3weeks I took my phone to their office for repairs and said I should come for it in the afternoon. I still haven't gotten my phone and also when I call. They always says I should call later and the battery is not good and they are searching for the battery and other stuffs.I was told my charge will be 150ghs which I paid instantly without going home. I advice everyone not to send their phones to Freddies corner anymore. Just buy a new one than to pay a huge amount at Freddies corner for repairs.
Reply by supreme
19 Feb, 2017
They have not called me till today! Soon we will also start doing adverts to tell each and every Ghanaian about their lazy and rude attitudes towards work .
Reply by Amanda
17 Jul, 2018
They did the same thing to me. They made me spend close to 400 on the phone and it wasn't fixed only for me to walk out and find some shop by the road side and paid just 50gh to get it fixed that moment
Reply by Evans
21 Nov, 2019
Are u guys sure abt Freddies corner? If yes then I will start to advice myself on them
I bought my phone here. Good service, good price!