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Pls am victoria and for the past 3 months my is not working. I went to the office to check they told me it will come but since then, it's not working. Pls pls just find solution to this thing for me.its really making me uncomfortable and for the fact that I used it for working tooo.
Glo office
Hi there I stay at Cape Coast, kindly treat this with all urgency, is there a glo office in Cape Coast?
The customer care number doesn't go through. If you called e mail me your functional number too I'd be grateful.
Final Warning
My name is Mr. Arhin. I am speaking from Gomoa Obuasi, via AGONA Swedru in the Central Region. Glo I am giving you warning that if you don't come and pay me my contract money on lease agreement, you signed with me concerning my land that your mask or pole is sited on it, I will personally see to its removal from my plot, after several times to reach you proved futile. Thank you.
My dear that is what is happening oooooo they took the land
promised they will pay on time and for about 5 years now my mom is still crying her Lungs out she can't farm on The land any more and no money for old lady. Why
Dear please we are sorry for the inconvenience informed we will approach you soon
Network problem
Am in cape coast inside UCC school new site. The network is not even coming again please can you fix it asap? Because where I am unless I walk 500m before I get network at first it was not like that I get network when am inside but I don't know why it is not coming today
Your Glo Network Problems
Please, glo network in dodowa has gone bad lately.. The network can go off the whole day.. Please check it. As I'm reporting on it, I had to use a different network data when I have a lot of data on glo. The area again is Dodowa, fire service junction.
Glo network at lapaz High tension is very very poor and so annoying ???? and when the light goes off the network also goes off i don't know if the network is working with ECG light
Poor network
Andrews Yaw Horsu
The worest network i ever witness is Glo. very poor.Concern glo network users of tarkwa will advise ourselves.
The glo network in Dunkwa-on-Offin, Central Region is very,very,very............,poor, always no network coverage,network busy,and so many things, that makes the network dificult to use it,so please do something about it so that the people of Dunkwa will join us,i'm Owusu-Appiah Francis,******** is my cellphone number,thanks hoping to hear from office soonest.
Even in lapaz high tension glo network is very very bad and when the light goes off the network goes off too then it becomes emergency I don't know if glo is working with ECG
Good customer service!