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Why does Coca-Cola taste different all of a sudden. I bought from two different stores and they all had very awkward after taste. I bought the 1.5 litre and I couldn't finish it. I think something needs to be done about this. My mum also bought Coca-Cola and complained about the same thing. I have been taking Coca-Cola since I was young but now my most favorite drink has gone bad. Why?
Who is acting CEO while Seth is away Can he or she sign documents?
Please can I get a job at your firm as a factory hand? Thank you.
Contact our head office line on +********
Please I need your email address to send my CV.
What is the size of Coca cola Ghana
How real is this?
Congratulation!!!Your cell number has GHC75,000 in 2O2OC0CAC0LA-draw, Ticket ****
Please do you have a branch opened in Tema? If yes please can I know your address. Thank you.
Please i want to know the duties of the people dispatched to do deliveries of orders made by companies
Please I will like to have the email address of coca cola Ghana limited...
Please I am a university graduate I want to know if your company is stil admitting national service personnels.
I am a non resident foreign gentleman. I want to know if I can buy Coca Cola Bottling Company's Ordinary Shares at this time with USD cash. What is the going rate of Coca Cola ordinary shares at this time? If I can buy, please send me the rate with application form and any instructions to pay cash in Accra.
Please I would like to set up my own business with your company I want to know how to start up with the business because I want to be selling in both whole sale and retail
Hello please contact the head office on +********
I strongly desire to be listed as a direct whole seller of coca cola product. but i only have a little capital. I need your advice on how to start and grow in the business. Coca Cola is the best soft drink and my favorite.
Pls can the financial statement of coca-cola company Ghana, be gotten from the net? because all i see now is the financial statement for coca cola company and other subsidiaries. pls i would appreciate a quick reply because its urgent.
I want to work at Coca-Cola please can I aply
Hello please contact us on ********
Why would you find marketing research useful
Please how can you help me setup a coke-stand at my town?
Can I give bonaqua to a six month old baby without boiling it?
Please is coke the same as sprite?......i want to get in contact with sprite.
Please coke is not the same as sprite because their contents are different, however, they are both products of coca-cola.
I've won an airtime but don't know to recharge it?

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