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Please do you treat all blood infections and how much can i get it for all
Please can you give me a gist of how much it will cost husband and wife to get their childlessness problem solved?
How much does it cost for you to pay for consultation
Do you specialize in pregnancy issues, and what's the budget range?
Do you specialize in pregnancy issues, and what's the budget range?
Please do u treat diabetes if yes please how much do I budget
Please do you treat prostate cancer ? If yes how much should i budget
Pls do you have a brunch in Takoradi?
Please do you treat heart disease?
Please do you treat hernia without surgery?
Good evening please I want to know the cost of irregular menstruations, cramps and viginal discharge
Hello Dr my girlfriend has dizziness for the pass 13years every bless day she is suffering and this type of dizziness is call cervical vertebrae vertigo.please can you help us?
I'm suffering from premature ejaculation can that be treated at your clinic?
Please do u have E.N.T Specialist?
Pls I have yeast infection and want to treat it can I come with 200 cedis
I have multiple fibroids and am pregnant, please how can this be solved.
A doctor at lekma told me that I have a complete hearing lose an nothing can be done about it. I want to ask if I can get any treatment in your clinic
Please do you treat genital herpes at your clinic?
Do you treat hepatitis b, and also prostate cancer. If yes, on what days?
Do you test and treat hiv
I have a friend from ougadugu who want to travel to your clinic for fertility treatment. Do you have a clinic in Bolgatanga? Or do we have to travel to Accra or Kumasi. The clinic's number on line doesn't go through. Can I get the correct number for clinic for my friend from Burkina Faso?
I have a friend from ougadugu who want to travel to your clinic for fertility treatment. Do you have a clinic in Bolgatanga? Or do we have to travel to Accra or Kumasi.
Does champion treat PCOS and menstrual disorder.
Pls I have been diagnosed of pid can I be treated at champion
Please do u have a drug for hernia
Pls the I need the phone number for champion divine clinic.the one online doesn't go through.
Please am sending you this message from Europe, can I have your number please so I can talk to to you about some health issues that I have.Its very important for me please I called the number I saw on your website and the one who answered it said it is wrong line so please I will be grateful if you send it to me thanks for your time may God bless you
I don't work there, but I am only helping out.
Plz I want know the cost of fallopian tubes cannulation. And is CDC having a branch in Takoradi?
Hello good morning please do you work on Saturday?
If so can I meet the doctor.
Please I want to know the cost of consultation and treatment of low sperm count and irregular menses
Please do you do medical check ups(medilabs);
Sickle cell, blood group text, scans etc
Plss l heard that treatment at champion is very expensive. I want the cost for the treatment of fibroid,to see if l can afford it
Hello can I get more information on this product (X uterine tube)
Hi can I get the doctors numbers? Cause I am in Tanzania and I have been diagnosed and found with fibroids, so I want to know the posibilities of me sending my fibroids results then you tell me how much medicine I need and how much it may cost so that I can send a coleague of mine to send them to me in Tanzania
Please do you treat hydrocele.
How will the pains around my pelvic and tighs go,ot also makes me feel pain in walking and standing. I have currently visited your beach at asafo.
Pls i want to know if u have a solution for Fallopian tube blockage, if yes, how munch will it cost?
Do you have cure for all forms of kidney problems?
Do you have traditional medicine for sickle cell and medicine for appetite as well as gaining weight?
Please may I know if you treat low sperm count problem
Pls,i wnt to knw how it will cost for ur treatment of infertility?
Pls there is this ailment that make me uncomfortable, it is on and off which comes in a form of asthma, shortness of breath alongside severe headache and back pains sometimes. I have been to the hospital on several occasions but no solution. Funny enough they can't even tell me what is wrong with me
Please I want to know the use of X Uterine tube
Do u people have any herb that cures varicoceles completely without sides effects?
Good morning i want to know if i can get any medication for kidney infections.
Am Lucy, please can i get rough estimate on menstrual disorder in your clinic
Do you perform abortions and if yes how much does it cost
I've had sexual wicknes since 2011 and erectal problem pls can it be treated at you clinic and how long will it talk pls
I have been married for two years now but no kids and I want to know how much it will cost me for checking infertility because I believe champion clinic can do it.
Please how much will I cost for treating gonorrhea and sexual weakness ( or weak erection )
How much does it cost to treat gonorrhea in Ghana

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