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Initially when I discovered zoobashop I got very excited because i felt it was going to bring a certain form of ease to online shopping, which in actual fact it did. I was however very disappointed when i purchased a vacuum cleaner from them and realized the product was not working. It took well over 2 days to charge, it did not have the suction to do any form of cleaning and was generally a rubbish product. I returned the item to them in less than seven days to ask for store credit to purchase another or be given a refund only to be told that the item was working and none of the 2 options i was expecting was going to happen. I thought if senior management heard about my issue they would solve it, but sadly they were the ones who even wasted my time even more. Zoobashop cheated me and robbed me of my money, product and time. it is sad for such a promising company to cheat and deceive their customers when they have issues with products they sell. i highly recommend shoppers to either stay away or transact business at their own risk. I can live with their actions since i was only robbed of 95 cedis or so, imagine if i had bought a much more expensive product that was in the thousands, that would have been a disaster. Customers can try, tonaton, olx etc for their products or better still just go to a nearby mall to purchase their items.