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Great Job
I had been trying to get my family to come be with me here in the States for over 2 years but nothing was working. I got in touch with wefly travel after my friend recommended them to me. In all, it took 5 months for them to get the necessary documents for my family. I couldn't believe it could be this simple. My family is here and they're saying Thank You. Thank You
WeFly247 Travel did the impossible for me. They helped me get my money back with the help of the police after some filthy low life people scammed me out of my hard earned money. Thinking of it now, it only seems like a dream. Unlike the other people who have reviewed this company, I couldn't use their services to bring anyone here to me in the States but they surely helped me retrieve most of the money I sent to people I didn't know were scamming me. I thank you so much WEFLY247 TRAVEL and I thank God for leading me to you. It's really been an honor to have met you and I pray most of us Americans who have lost our monies to fake people will find you so that you can help them like you helped me to get them some peace of mind. GOD BLESS YOU WEFLY247 TRAVEL
For 7 good months, I was struggling to find a reputable travel agency to get my fiancee to me. I had been through lots of struggles with fake travel agencies. Until I met wefly, I thought all hope was lost. I can't recount what you've done for me. Gracias!!
When my fiancee told me she had found a new travel agency(wefly247) that can help her come to join me, I was very skeptical because I had lost some money to a travel agency in Ghana the first time and I wasn't ready to make that mistake again. However, I decided to contact wefly247 after thinking thoroughly on the situation. In their mail, they replied enthusiastically and they gave me an assurance that should they not be able to get my fiancee to me within the time range they have given me or should anything else happen, they would refund my money. I said to myself, now that is a great deal. I have nothing to lose then. Yet I hesitated because I was still afraid of losing my money but my fiancee and I were also very eager to be together and since this was the first travel agency to give me such an assurance, I decided to go forth and I sent them the money for travel documents. I am amazed and so much excited as I write this. I sent them the money in the first week of February and by the third week of that same month, they told me everything was ready and that my fiancee should come for the documents. I don't know how they managed to get her a permanent visa in two weeks. Just this Wednesday(2/3/16), I was at Heathrow airport to pick up my fiancee and I couldn't believe this had become a reality after we had lost money a year ago and all hope was lost. I am a very strict critic but in this case, I would have to give wefly247 all the stars. It is no wonder that everyone gives you 5 stars. You are the best. O'Brien
Wow ???????? hi I'm Ernestina Nkrumah from Kumasi and I also need a visa and flights tickets but I have struggled a lot I hope you can help me out
My name is Edward Davidson and I had a girlfriend whom I wanted to relocate to be with me in the United States. Wefly247 travel agency got a visa and secured her documents for her in no time. All I want to say is that you are the best and I will forever be committed to you
how much did it cost and what documents are needed
All I can say is they really opened a way for me when I thought all was lost. I am now in Denmark and all this came to reality through wefly247.I highly recommend to all who want to get to their family and friends outside Ghana.
Thank you wefly247 travel and tours