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Great Service
We wanted a commercial property for our company JuiceMe Ghana, and Seth and his company came through just when we nearly gave up. God bless you. I encourage clients to give them a try!
Thanks Seth.
International Realtor
I met Mr Deke last year December in Sisli, Istanbul. Such an amazing guy. Had extensive knowledge of the real estate industry in Ghana and was able to secure some good deals right here in Turkey to represent some of the Developers. I believe this guy is up to something good for the real estate industry. All the best Mr Seth Deke.
Hi Guys,

I want to recommend Seth Deke for one thing;
Honesty and commitment on the job.
Ghana has a good realtor in the making.

Keep it up DreamFix Realty.
Very honest brokers. We are glad we met you Mr Seth. Very knowledgeable dude. Stay blessed!
Very hard working Agents. The manager is particularly very down to earth, humble and doesn't mind getting down to scrub just to please a client.
I just bought a 4bedroom through Mr Deke. Funny how he bargains on clients behalf not minding if it affects the amount of commission he will take. I think DreamFix Realty treats client's like Family.
Keep up the good work guys, you rock!
Seth is a very honest broker in the realty sector. I gave this manager a budget but he saved me money in the end. Most brokers will never negotiate down the budget with the homeowner because then it brings down the brokers agency fee but Seth never had that mentality. Very rare to meet someone like that here.
Keep up the good job Seth.
Mr Seth Deke is a very honest and hardworking Broker and happens to be very experienced in the landscape of Ghana and most importantly the Real Estate sector.
He made my home search, orientation and move in very flexible and saved me money.
I will recommend DreamFix Realty to all my contacts incase they need such services.