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10 Aug, 2020
Pls where is your office located in Ghana
Isaac Bansah
27 Apr, 2020
Please I want to visit your next meeting. You can inform me of location,time and date?
Isaac Bansah
27 Apr, 2020
Please I want to visit your next meeting. So if can be informed about date,time and location thank you.
Answer by Lady
15 Jun, 2020
You can watsapp me on ******** so that wen we fix a date for de next virtual meeting I can let u know
13 Mar, 2020
I am a new member of super life but its becoming difficult for me to bring people in to the business, so I'm not able to enjoy the benefits so what do I do please
Heinrich Kissi
6 Mar, 2020
I am looking for people outside Ghana who want to do intensive business ....just whatsapp me for tasty offers ...let’s make some money ********
Uche Mirabella
18 Oct, 2019
I forget my security pin, pls is there anyway i can get a new one? It's Urgent..
Godson Nleboo
14 Aug, 2019
I refer someone whose email address is Cindyseyram I hv forgotten her PW can you help me retrieve it? Her number is ********
Answer by Anaane rainer
23 Dec, 2019
Pls call me ********
Regina Agbosua
25 Jul, 2019
I am a distributor based in Lagos but registered in Benin Lagos my upline want me to know d business when asked questions she decided to blocked me from getting d information what should I do
14 May, 2019
I need someone who uses whatsapp to answer me some questions about superlife.
Answer by Bismark
7 Jun, 2019
Please call or message ******** ..thank you
Emmanuel Oppong
18 Feb, 2019
Hala ma for all ur quetions and intensive business you will never work alone...
******** hotline (super partner).
11 Jan, 2019
What benefit will i get when i join superlife? And how do i register and how much is the registration fees.DO I have to sell product every month like other networks? Is there monthly autoship?
Answer by Bhel
8 Jun, 2019
Call or WhatsApp me on ******** asap
Answer by Patrick Mongson
14 Jan, 2019
Call or whatsapp +******** for answers to all your questions. Thank you
francis amofa
30 Nov, 2018
I want to join but i am not having Member number.
Answer by Henry Bentil
4 Dec, 2018
Call or what's App
For more details
Answer by Henry Bentil
4 Dec, 2018
Call or what's App +******** to get more details on how u can sign up to be a member.
Kevin Bonsu
23 Nov, 2018
How can i reset my security pin
Francisca Nyarkoa
11 Oct, 2018
Please can I gain any bonus if I do not refer any prospect as a starter
Answer by Emmanuel
18 Feb, 2019
Hala my line ********
Noah Anyaah
10 Aug, 2018
I have about the product and I have seen that it can heal a lot of sickness. What is the side effect of the drug and does it have age limit (ie below what age) that can take the supplement
Opoku Georgina
20 Jul, 2018
If u have forgotten ur sign in password n latter on u got to knw dat ur email for registration too is wrong wat should 1 do. I forgot my password n I was asked to enter my username for my password in my email accounts. I did that n I was told dat de message has been sent to my mail. I checked n dere wasn’t anything in it .Latter on I realized dat de 1 will signed me made a mistake in my mail. I want to ask how I can work it out
Kankam Thomas
17 Jul, 2018
I want to become an agent who supplies the products because I have read through about the product and I think it will very good if I make I known to people to help save ones life
Answer by Mongson Patrick
18 Jul, 2018
Hello, Thomas. Thanks for showing interest in becoming a distributor of our amazing products. Please call or whatsapp ******** for more details.
Mustapha Wahab
12 Jun, 2018
How can i be your worker or how can i sign in
Answer by Patrick Mongson
13 Jun, 2018
Call. Or whatsapp ********
23 May, 2018
How did we people to register with you
Answer by Mongson
25 May, 2018
Please call or whats up me on +******** for detailed information on how to register with us
Godfred Godfred
15 May, 2018
How many peoples have registered as super in Ghana?
Answer by Mongson
16 May, 2018
Call or whatsapp ********
Joseph Guba
16 Apr, 2018
Can I get any reading material on this to really know what it entails?
Answer by Patrick Mongson
16 Apr, 2018
Okay Joseph, there are reading materials that can help you understand what superlife really entails but this platform will not enable me send those documents to you. So please whatsapp me on ******** for the details. Thank you
Bridget Gyan
5 Feb, 2018
How many members are registered now in this business in Ghana?
Answer by Patrick Mongson
6 Feb, 2018
Business started globally and in Ghana as well in July 2017, currently membership in Ghana is about 600
Answer by Patrick Mongson
6 Feb, 2018
Business started globally and in Ghana as well in July 2017, currently membership in Ghana is about 600
Asante Boahen Gideon
30 Jan, 2018
Please l want details about the company and how can l joine, what benefit will l get when invest with the company
Answer by Theophilus
24 Feb, 2018
Let us chat on via whatsapp.+********
Life is Super with Super Life..
Answer by Patrick Mongson
6 Feb, 2018
Call ********
Answer by Satuh Wadadaani Vincent
6 Feb, 2018
Let's chat (whatsapp)
Charles Yonnah
17 Jan, 2018
How do i benefit from superlife when i invest my money in it? plus how comfortable am i in ensuring that i have a safe long-term investment with superlife?
Answer by Mongson Patrick
17 Jan, 2018
1.The product from Superlife which is the STC30 gives you amazing benefits in your health and the health of others. Stc 30 is a stemcell food supplement that is an evolution in medical sciences. It has a lot of health benefits when used. Diabetes, kidney and liver diseases, hypertension, stroke, skin disorders, cancers etc are all been reversed by the usage of this STC30 from Superlife.

2. SuperLife is a business, and as a business not only do you change your life in health and wealth but u do same for others. SuperLife uses the network marketing model to do business and it pays a lot. The beauty of it is that it pays you not only on your efforts but on the efforts of others

3.You are assured of a safe long term investment because the products are consumable, they of need and demonstrable. Many people in Africa especially are sick or living with diverse health condition and are seriously looking for ways to change their situation. And our unique product is a solution to their problems. This makes superlife a safe long term investment because it addresses two important aspects of life HEALTH & WEALTH.

Pls you can also contact me on ******** for any further clarification. Thank you

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