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Best school in Ghana
I like how the school integrates real-life experiences with academic work. This makes their learners gain a deeper understanding of their various subject areas and fosters lifelong learning at all levels.
cleanest and safest preschool
I pulled out my 6 years old from a school in Accra after only 7 days. Someone recommend Wit school and now he is happy to learn and have improved so much in such a short time. What really impressed me was how warm and attentive the teachers were, the premises was super cosy and clean and I went through a lot of safety and health protocols during the enrolment process which I thought was very good. My son loves his school and that makes me really happy
great curriculum
I took my 3-year-old boy to the school when the principal assured me they could make him read in just 10 days. I trusted my guts and enrolled him and in just 2 days, he was reading 3 and 4 letter words. That was so incredible to me and I hope all parents will try The WIT School out. They are doing wonders in that school.
Inclusive approach to teaching and learning activities
My daughter spent her summer at the WIT Camp in July and I saw improvements in her social skills as well as her confidence. She was also able to read and pronounce many words. I also liked the fact that she grew more curious and asked a lot of questions. Based on that, I enrolled her in their afterschool program to learn how to swim and read better. Thank you WIT School.
Great foundation (preschooler)
When my 4 year old enrolled at the Wit school, he could barely read nor write. The solid foundation provided at the school for just 1 year in kindergarten has put him way above his peers at his new school. Good job
Great results
You’ll see tremendous academic and social development of your child within weeks! Great value for money. They have a good preschool and Afterschool program and the school has one of the most beautiful facilities in Ghana. I love it!