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with varsity, your dream of schooling outside is real. The help me and a friend to get a full scholarship to study in American University. more can be said about them. i will urge you to get in touch with them. They are the best.
The best of the best
Varcity assisted me during my SAT days...I was taught a lot of tricks and fast approaches. Long story short I had the highest SAT score in Takoradi last year????
The amount of time spent on each individual is just exceptional which is why their success rate comes as no surprise to me. Varcity takes the time to focus on bringing up "weak" students and transforming them into stars both academically and Morally.
Varcity stands for transformation!
A whole new learning Experience
Such an amazing place to learn. Varcity has a nonpareil methodology in teaching and learning. At first the learning process seemed quiet different from what I'm used to, then I caught the fire and culture. The study regimen is so on point! My SAT scores increased from a 1170 to 1410. The thrill I learning and is made easier as dedicated and qualified tutors make the whole learning process an awesome journey. In my candid opinion,this is the right place for anybody who wants to enter top colleges and university and increasing their standard test scores or SAT.