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Spintex, around Ecobank, Accra, Ghana
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Thursday: 6:30am - 6:30pm  See All
Establishment year 2005
Employees 16-25


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Thank you for your reliable and fast services
I love your services a lot. So reliable and fast.I like your team's coaching service on which brand of particular medical device and equipment to choose. Keep it up. I also appreciate your respect for your clients. Thank you
Great Customer Service
Thank you McSarpong Medical Supplies Company Team. I have received the medical equipment I ordered from you this mornin. I like your customer service and your patience in responding to all my questions. I look forward to have another successful business with your team. Thank you

Thank you Madam.We appreciate your trust and time in transacting successfully with us too.
Excellent Service
Its a great experience with how this company is doing business , trustworthy and quick respond if you have any question . I purchased an LED temperature gun from McSarpong and the representative did a wonderful job working with me. I would recommend them to anyone who has an interest in the product they are looking at with them.

Excellent service, fast responses, product delivered as expected and very happy with services. Communications are exceptional.
We are thank you our dear great customer for showing appreciation to our services. We are grateful. We look forward to have more successful business transactions and services with you.
Excellent and professional services
I really appreciate their patience in answering every questions you asked them about their medical devices and products. Their medical equipment are very durable, effective and most importantly affordable. I also like their free delivery services.They are the best medical equipment Supplies company I have dealt with so far.
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Questions & Answers

Hello. Please help me with prices of yourfirst aid box.
Please call us now for a proforma invoice.
Thank you
Please I want disposable face masks and gloves. I want to know the prices and how to get them. Thank you.
Please, do you sell glucometer and sphygmomanometer?
And how much is each?
Yes we do sell glucometers and all other diagnostic test kits.
Please call us now for a proforma invoice quotation. Thank you
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Spintex, around Ecobank, Accra, Ghana Get Directions
McSarpong Medical Supplies is a local and international distributor of medical equipment and supplies. We sell to primary and acute health care facilities, physical therapists, dentists, school laboratories, fitness centers, long-term health care facilities, medical laboratories and consumers. McSarpong Medical Supplies specializes in providing customers the best possible procurement experience.

McSarpong Medical Supplies has one of the largest selections of medical products and equipment compared to most medical supply stores. We have been the best place for consumers and resellers to buy medical equipment and home medical supplies since 2005 and have served over hundreds of thousands customers. Our products are of low prices, variety, and quality.
Working hours
Monday:6:30am - 6:30pm
Tuesday:6:30am - 6:30pm
Wednesday:6:30am - 6:30pm
Thursday:6:30am - 6:30pm
Friday:6:30am - 6:30pm
Saturday:6:30am - 6:30pm
Products & Services
Medically approved respirators for sale
FFP2 Face  Mask
FFP2 Face Mask
We have quality face masks for sale
PRICE: 450.00
Reusable & Disposable Coveralls
Reusable & Disposable Coveralls
We offer Reusable & Disposable Coveralls
PRICE: 150.00
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