Electrical /Electronic Engineer. HND

I am currently undergoing Nabco program which has a span of three years termination contract term. Barely one year now since comment of work.I am much grateful for the experience I have gathered so far, the confidentiality that keep my neck upright is overwhelming. I am more than the word competent because I face problems and eventually emerging victoriously, my secret is, I don't easily give up upon a problem I keep fighting until things get done normally in fact which puts smile on my face as the problem is dealt with amicable. I am also so friendly and like meeting new people without being a races but see ourselves as one. I am ok if I get my carer job but it will also be ok with me if any company can employ me for other job say sales manager or executive but with lucrative pay

Personal Details

  • Sex: Male
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Nationality: Ghanaian
  • Date of Birth: 05-01-1985

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