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I am looking for a place to work,gain experience and impact my skills and knowledge . I'm open to new opportunities and always willing to learn.
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I am looking for personal driving work or either security work to do with my conduct and abilities.
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I am looking for Employment to help my standard of living and I am customer relationship. I will help to improve your great company. Thank you.
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A senior Mechanical Technician with over 10+ years of experience in maintaining machinery and mechanical equipment’s using tools and computer software, Successful in installation, developing, testing and making modifications on mechanical equipment. Excel at liaising between business and technical areas to achieve on-time service and on-spec project completions while providing strong leadership and overall guidance of operational thrives on accountability and continual growth.
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I am a young man who is ready to study, learn new things and add up to my knowledge. I am very effective and efficient when work is assigned to me, ability to work under pressure and team to achieve the target goals.
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I am looking for management training which offers me the opportunity to develop new skills while strengthening those I already possess .
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Name:Reginald Wilson
Date:27th February 1991
Language:English,Fante and Twi
Martial Status:Single
Phone Number:0542636967
Email address:Qwacureggie@gmail.com

Year Institution Qualification
1999-2008 Premier International School BECE
1.To use my skills in the best possible way for achieving the company's goals and also to enhance my professional skills in a dynamic and fast paced work place
2.To solve problem in an effective and creative manner in a challenging position in the course of my work.
2013-2016 Asuogyaman Company Ltd
2019-2021 Troysteel Roofing Company
Listen to what is going on global world
Uncle Foster
Head of Asuogyaman Company Ltd
(Kasoa Branch)
Phone Number:0243623394
Mr.Samuel Suso
Human Resources of Troysteel Roofing Company.
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Most be cominted to do good work
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A professional qualification Doctor of Medicine and well experience in laboratory scientist with high level of professionalism, good interpersonal relationship, strong commitment, special laboratory works, with expertise in laboratory and medical screening works, antenatal care and experienced out-patient department personnel.
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To work in an environment that will enable me unleash my strengths, capabilities and talent to the development of an organization.
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Am looking for a driving company who is going to offer me work and also enhance my work to a certain level
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I am looking forward to management training in strenghting my skills and to expose me new skills,I am not exposed to and equip me.
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I am a dedicated, selfless, time conscious and hardworking young professional with a diversified background
in the presentation of financial information and accuracy in dealing with figures.
I am also punctual, co-operative, reliable, ability to take initiative, ability to work with little or no supervision
and someone who is determined to work before deadlines. A goal and action oriented man who stands for
integrity in my field of work. As a player, I am happy working with teams, but I am also comfortable working
on my own. I am committed to my career, eagerness to take on responsibilities and grow with practices on
the job.
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I am good communicator, writer, presenter, problem solver and interpersonal skills
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I am good communicator, team player,
Problem solver, crical thinker, interpersonal skills and time oriented.
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