Review There is more room for improvement

Review of Intercity STC Coaches Ltd.
There is more room for improvement
I was on board one of STC buses to Abidjan on 23rd September 2018 and back to Ghana through same medium on 29th September, 2018. The bus is comfortable considering we did about 12 hours both ways and i had no complaints with respect to seat and space.I commend the service provider for having two drivers for every trip considering the travel distance. I also thought it was commendable to have some food (koko and bread) served although i think the food can be improved. A little milk and magarine/butter won't hurt. This gesture was however not repeated on the return trip. We also had some delay issues: about 30 minutes for the first trip and 10 minutes for the return.
Both ways, I had persons loading luggage openly and shamelessly ask for a tip and on the return trip, one officer was seen conniving with a boarder official to extort money from travelers without their yellow card. It is unclear why a fee of 163 cedis is demanded as the fare from Accra but the ticket shows 120 cedis as the fare. The fare from Abidjan is said to be 20000cefa and the break down on the ticket shows 15000 for the fare and 5000 for international passage. Some clarity on these will be very helpful.
We had so many unapproved stops with no prior notification to passengers about reason or stops. My worst nightmare was the tiny cockroaches! Please STC, you've got to fumigate the buses! Humans can't co-exist with these pest. I look forward to another trip with fewer comments.

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