Ghana Lotto Banker for Today

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Ghana Lotto Banker for National Weekly

We use only Hot numbers to generate two sure for you (Numbers are hot when they have been drawn very frequently in the last draws). These are auto-generated banker winning numbers for National Weekly 2019-02-16:

#1 Lotto Banker Prediction

#2 Lotto Banker Prediction

Banker Appearance Statistics

Play with strategy, Knowing more about each number! We present 10 most popular numbers and the frequency they are drawn:

NumberDays left to drawLast drawLast draw dateFrequencyShortestLongest
TODAY25 days ago
very close to draw
2019-01-23every 14 days1 day51 days
TODAY44 days ago
very close to draw
2019-01-04every 15 days1 day56 days
7 days9 days ago2019-02-08every 16 days1 day82 days
14 days2 days ago2019-02-15every 16 days1 day64 days
TODAY37 days ago
very close to draw
2019-01-11every 15 days1 day58 days
15 days2 days ago2019-02-15every 17 days1 day54 days
6 days10 days ago2019-02-07every 16 days1 day49 days
7 days10 days ago2019-02-07every 17 days1 day81 days
TODAY27 days ago2019-01-21every 17 days2 days48 days
TODAY34 days ago
very close to draw
2019-01-14every 17 days1 day68 days

You can try Ghana Lotto Prediction tool to predict numbers for the next draw any game you will play.

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