Review Worst mobile provider ever

Review of Airtel Ghana (Head Office)
Worst mobile provider ever
I am traveling in Ghana and took up airtel prepay hard on recommendation of the shop. Probably airtel pays the highest commission.

Please stay away from Airtel, I have never experienced a worse telecom provider. Friday night suddenly my mobile data would not work. I had to up again (eventhough I still had almost 1gb of data allowance). I went to the Airtel shop in Oxford street mall. With only two peeps in front of me, I had to wait a long time. The Airtel person said everything was fine with my credit, etc and it should have all worked. I walked away with no new info.

Come Saturday night.. Nothing worked!! Not even normal phone or sms. I had big plans with peeps I had met, uber, etc. And I AM totally stuck!! Again I have to walk into store on Oxford street and hope they are open on Sunday. This is ridiculous.. My night is completely ruined.

Stay away from airtel. Mtn or vodafone can't be worse and they seem to have their own infrastructure so go with them. Mtn seems the most popular

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